Can the diesel generator set add water to the water tank?

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Recently, some customers in southern China asked whether we can add water to our water tank without adding coolant

Recently, some customers in southern China asked whether we can add water to our water tank without adding coolant, because the temperature in southern China is really high and it is not easy to freeze. Today, I will give you a brief introduction. However, we suggest adding coolant if conditions permit.

Requirements for adding water to the coolant of diesel generator set:

1. Do not add well water or sewage. Water can be divided into hard water and soft water in terms of whether it has dissolved minerals. Hard water contains iron, calcium and magnesium plasma. Untreated well water and spring water are hard water. If such hard water is added to the engine, it will produce calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and other compounds after heating and evaporation by the engine, which will precipitate and form scale. The scale, on the one hand, is a poor conductor of heat. On the other hand, when the scale increases to a certain extent, it will narrow the pipeline and reduce the water flow, which will affect the engine heat dissipation and cause the engine to overheat. The sewage contains sediment and rotten organic matter, which is easy to corrode the water tank and cylinder jacket, affecting its service life.

2. Don't ignore it. Do not run without water. When driving in hot weather, the coolant in the water tank evaporates faster. Always check the coolant volume and observe the coolant thermometer. If the water tank is not fully filled, there will be problems in the circulation of coolant in the water jacket, and the water temperature is easy to rise, resulting in "boiling". For some models, it is difficult to fill up when adding water. The position of the water tank is lower than that of the engine. When adding water, the water inlet of the water tank shows that it is full, but in fact, the water jacket of the engine is short of water.

3. Do not open the cover of the water tank when it is "boiling". When "boiling", the temperature in the water tank is very high (at least 100 ℃) and the pressure is high. When the water tank cover is suddenly opened, the boiling water and steam will be sprayed out rapidly, which is easy to scald the person who adds water. In case of "boiling", it is generally required to run at idle speed, and then open the cover to fill with coolant after the engine temperature drops. If time is urgent, cover the water tank cover with a wet cloth, then wrap your hands with a wet towel, and then slowly open the water tank cover. In addition, the speed of adding coolant should not be too fast, and it should be added slowly.

4. Do not spill water on the engine when adding water. When adding water, if water is sprinkled on the spark plug socket, high-voltage wire jack and distributor of the engine, it may affect the fire jump; Water splashing on the drive belt may also cause it to slip; If it is sprayed on the engine body, it may cause the engine body to deform or even crack.

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